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Our CupCakes
We have a range of homemade CupCakes available to suit all tastes and all our ingredients are fresh. We are located in Solihull and Redditch area, please contact us for further details (we can provide a delivery service for a small charge depending on location and quantity).                    

We make themed CupCakes large or small for Parties, Weddings, Christenings, Anniversaries and Birthdays and will try to accomodate you where possible.

Our Flavours

  • Apple Crumble & Custard (an apple sponge, with a layer of apple sauce, topped with a custard buttercream and baked crumble)
  • Baked Strawberry Cheesecake (a biscuit crumb base with a sponge centre topped with strawberry puree baked in the oven)
  • Banoffee (a banana sponge with a toffee centre, topped with a vanilla buttercream, dried banana bits, fudge pieces and caramel sauce)
  • Banana & Chocolate (a banana sponge with chocolate chips, topped with chocolate buttercream and banana bits)
  • Banana & PeanutButter (a banana sponge with PeanutButter Icing topped with banana chips)
  • Blueberry (a light sponge filled with gooey blueberries also topped with blueberries for that all important taste) 
  • Cappuccino (a coffee sponge cake with buttercream that has a hint of coffee and chocolate with a beautiful biscuit swirl, topped with gold glitter)
  • Carrot Cake (a carrot flavoured sponge with cream cheese frosting)
  • Cheeky Cherry Bakewell (an almond cake, with cherry jam in the middle, topped with flavoured icing and a cherry on the top)
  • Chocolate Crunch (a chocolate sponge with crunchie pieces in, topped with chocolate frosting and Crunchie bits)
  • Chocolate Fudge (a chocolate fudge sponge, topped with chocolate frosting and mini pieces of fudge)
  • Cinder Toffee Treat (a vanilla sponge with chocolate chips, topped with chocolate buttercream and crunchie pieces)
  • Coffee & Walnut Cake (a plain sponge with speckles of coffee, topped with a rich coffee buttercream and chocolate curls and/or nuts)
  • Cookie Dough (a vanilla & cookie dough sponge topped with a rich vanilla buttercream and chocolate chips)
  • GingerBread Man (a ginger flavoured sponge, topped with a toffee and ginger buttercream and a gingerbread man)
  • Juicy Jaffa (a chocolate and orange flavoured sponge with a hidden surprise, topped with orange icing and a Jaffa cake)
  • Jammy Dodger (a vanilla sponge with a jam centre, topped with a strawberry flavoured frosting and a jammy dodger biscuit)
  • Key Lime (a vanilla sponge with lime zest, filled with a lime curd, topped with lime flavoured green frosting)
  • Lush Lemon (a lemon flavoured sponge with a hidden lemon filling, topped with lemon flavoured buttercream)
  • Leopard Print Butterfly (a vanilla sponge, topped with a rich vanilla buttercream and a leopard print butterfly)
  • Lemon & Coconut (a lemon and coconut flavoured sponge and buttercream, sprinkled with coconut)
  • Mint Choc Chip (a chocolate sponge, topped with a peppermint buttercream and chocolate bits)
  • Oreo Crunch (a chocolate sponge layered on top of an oreo biscuit, with crumbly oreo buttercream and a mini oreo biscuit on top for extra crunch)
  • Oreo Double Choc (a chocolate sponge, with a choc buttercream, topped with an oreo biscuit and crumbly biscuit over the top)
  • Party Cakes (a vanilla or chocolate sponge with a range of coloured frostings and toppings avaliable for boys/girls)
  • PeanutButterJelly (a vanilla sponge with a hidden jammy centre, topped with PeanutButter Icing and Peanut M&Ms)
  • Rainbow Surprise (a rainbow coloured sponge, with a chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles) 
  • Rocky Road (a vanilla or chocolate sponge with vanilla or chocolate buttercream topped with mini marshmallows, chocolate goodies and chocolate sauce dribbled over the top) 
  • Snickers (a chocolate sponge with a hidden surprise inside, topped with chocolate buttercream and a mini snickers)
  • Strawberry Dream (a vanilla sponge with jam inside, topped with a rich vanilla buttercream and strawberry bites)
  • Triple Choc Fudge (a choc sponge with a gooey choc centre, topped with choc buttercream and fudge pieces)
  • Vanilla Butterfly (a vanilla or chocolate sponge, with a vanilla or chocolate buttercream, topped with an edible butterfly and glitter)
  • White Chocolate & Raspberry (a plain sponge with a burst of jammy goodness inside, with a white chocolate frosting, topped with white chocolate and raspberry bits)  
  • Create your own CupCake (a vanilla or chocolate sponge, with vanilla, chocolate or coloured icing topped with chocolates or sweets of your choice)


 Price List for CupCakes (All are available boxed for an extra charge)
Please note there is a minimum order of 4 cupcakes per flavour

-Individual CupCakes
custom designs available*

4 to11                  from £1.30 per cupcake
12 to 23               from £1.20 per cupcake 
24 to 35               from £1.10 per cupcake
36 to 47               from £1.05 per cupcake
48 or more           from £1.00 each
Giant Cupcakes   from £25.00
Cookies              £1 each or 2 for £1.50
*prices may vary depending on design and style
If you would like a mixture of cupcake flavours please contact us for prices

Wedding Prices & Packages
CupCake Prices (choice of flavours and designs available)                                                 
1 to 49                                                           £2.25 each                                                                    
50 to 199                                                       £2.00 each                                                                   
200 +                                                             £1.75 each                                                                   
Giant CupCake                                               from £50.00                                          
CupCake Bouquet (6-7 CupCakes)                £20.00                                                                          
CupCake Bouquet (3-4 CupCakes)                £15.00                                                                          
Boxes are available for Individual CupCakes, Giant CupCakes and Large Cutting Cakes (please ask for details)

Wedding CupCake Flavours
Chocolate & Orange
Package 1
50 CupCakes  
Plus stand hire and delivery*                            Total £100.00
Package 2
100 CupCakes
Plus stand hire and delivery*                            Total £200.00
Package 3
100 CupCakes
Large Cutting Cake or Giant CupCake
Plus stand hire and delivery*                            Total £250.00
Package 4
200 CupCakes
Plus stand hire and delivery*                            Total £350.00
 *Please note delivery is free within 15 miles of either B92 or B97

Contact Kate or Toni on 07846120329
or sweetdreams-cupcakes@hotmail.com

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